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We introduce “Insta King Foods” is not just Tempting but lip smacking and full of flavours delicious Snacks , Chaats & Frozen food. “Insta King Foods” strongly believes that the strength and success of its Brand & largely dependent on the personalities behind it. The products are specially developed to cater to Indian taste and indispensable “snaking” culture. The experienced team of “Insta King Foods” is dedicated towards producing and making available tasty and healthy savouries for its customers.

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Insta King Foods supplies a wide range of frozen foods such as frozen Vegtables & Fruits, Frozen Breads & Snacks. In this fast moving world, not many people get the time to cook according to traditional Indian practices. Frozen dinners give busy people a way to feed themselves and their families healthy meals in minutes. Frozen food contains no preservatives. These Frozen Products can hold their nutritional values for two years if stored at -18°C/0°F or below. Freezing suspends microbial and fungal activity in the food. As long as the food remains frozen, it is safe. 

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